What Is Campside Social?

Campside Social is helping turn every campground into a thriving social community! We’re doing this by helping campers and campground staff connect with each other in an easy and fun way! 

How Does Campside Social Work?

Campside Social is best used when you’re currently camping at a campground or planning your camping trip!

When you’re already at a campground: Open Campside Social, search for your campground, and follow!. It’s that easy!

When you’re planning a camping trip: Open Campside Social and start exploring thousands of campgrounds with our easy-to-use map feature! Get trip ideas by exploring each campground community to see what campers and staff have been up to! 

App Features List

  • Social Campground Communities
    • Share posts with other campers.
      • Invite Campers To Join Recreational Activities.
      • Share Campground Adventures
      • Share Local Adventures
      • Host Fireside Meetups
      • Ask Campground Questions
      • Post Items For Sale
      • & More
    • Read posts from other campers.
    • Read posts from Campground staff. 
  • Campground Shops
    • Campgrounds have the opportunity to sell items from their camp store right through Campside Social! They can offer both Campside Delivery or Front Desk Pick-up. 
  • Find New Campgrounds
    • With our easy-to-use search feature, you can find new campgrounds that are within 25miles of your current location or browse THOUSANDS of campgrounds through our interactive map view! 
    • Explore different campground communities to see what campers and staff are posting about! 
    • Planning a trip to a campground, but don’t know what spot to pick? Look up the campground on Campside Social and post a question asking what campers think the best spots are! 
    • DM (direct message) Campground staff for other questions you might have. 
    • Easily get directions to the campground. call the campground, or send an email to the campground. 
  • Make New Friends & Stay In Touch
    • It’s easy to meet new campers with Campside Social and when you do you’ll want to follow them to keep up with their adventures! 
    • The Friends page on Campside Social shows you the latest posts from your followed friends! See what they’ve been up to and what campgrounds they’ve been to! 
    • Plan trips, meet-ups, or just send a “hello” with the chat feature! 
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