Top 10 Tips In 2023 To Help You Save Money While Traveling In Your RV.

Top 10 Tips In 2023 To Help You Save Money While Traveling In Your RV.

  1. Plan your route in advance to avoid expensive last-minute reservations.
  2. Look for free or low-cost camping options, such as Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land or national forests.
  3. Cook your own meals instead of eating out.
  4. Take advantage of boondocking (dry camping) to save on hookup fees.
  5. Use a mobile internet hotspot instead of paying for RV park WiFi.
  6. Use a fuel rewards program to save on gas.
  7. Avoid peak travel times and tourist hotspots to save on campground fees.
  8. Do your own RV maintenance and repairs to save on labor costs.
  9. Consider joining a membership-based camping club, like Passport America, to save on campground fees.
  10. Look for discounts, such as military or senior citizen discounts, when booking campgrounds or RV rentals.
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